Next Gen Neurotechnology

The digital health solution for practitioners assessing neuro health, delivering therapy, and optimizing performance

For Healthcare

Supporting advanced patient care and groundbreaking clinical research

For Biopharma

Accelerating innovation in CNS trials and beyond

For Sport

Objectifying decision making to improve athlete safety and management

In Use at Top Healthcare, Pharma and Sports Organizations

The Problem

How Big Is The Problem?

1 in 4 Americans (over 83 million people) suffer from a neuro health condition today, resulting in a $2B economic burden on our healthcare system.

Why Is It So Significant?

There is a remarkable lack of validated, objective diagnostics and therapeutics for most neuro health conditions.

What Is Needed?

Fast, accurate and reliable brain health diagnostics and therapies are needed, in order to transform patient care.

The NeuroSync Solution: Where Digital Health, AI, and Objective Data Intersect

NeuroSync offers a variety of robust, fully customizable technology solutions for numerous NeuroHealth and Performance use cases. Leveraging our powerful digital health platform that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) and objective, proprietary measures clinicians, researchers and high performance specialists can utilize actionable data to identify deficits, monitor drug responses, initiate training, and more.


Each platform assessment can be completed in a minute or less.


Our proprietary algorithms and quantification methods have been validated in independent research and by the FDA.


All assessments are backed by a 0.9 test-retest reliability, highlighting the stability of our metrics.

Easy to Use

Our wireless Virtual Reality based platform can be used anytime, anywhere.

Our Platform

XR Hardware

Software & Analytics

Customizable Reports

User Testimonial: Center for Vision and Learning

“We utilize EYE-SYNC and it has been a great addition for what we provide for patients, and I think it’s also been really great for us in educating the community about a better way to treat concussion, to get those patients the help that they need.”

Cheryl Davidson OD, FCOVD
Optometrist and Founder
Center for Vision and Learning

User Testimonial: The Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology

“For us, it’s incredibly helpful to have a tool that is easy to administer, so incredibly portable, and yet so clinically sensitive. It’s been a really important part of what we do.”

Jeffrey Kutcher MD, FAAN
Neurologist and Founder
The Kutcher Clinic for Sports Neurology

User Testimonial: Rice University

“EYE-SYNC solves a major part of our concussion management that we previously didn’t have, so I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to add a more holistic approach to the care of their student-athletes.”

Sarah Schodrof MEd, LAT, ATC, ITAT, ROT
Assistant AD, Medical Services & Research
Rice University

User Testimonial: Kaizen Brain Center

“EYE-SYNC technology has improved my workflow by helping me come to a more accurate diagnosis in a shorter period of time. Now I have an objective measurement I can look at and I know where to hone down my clinical evaluation.”

Mohammed Ahmed, MD
Neuropsychiatrist and Founder
Kaizen Brain Center

User Testimonial: St. David’s Medical Center

“We are long time vestibular therapists and have been using EYE-SYNC for several months, and can tell our patients really enjoy the objective data they get both before and after their exercises. They love watching their numbers improve over time and easily stay engaged from session to session because of the feedback from EYE-SYNC. Also let’s be honest…our patients think using EYE-SYNC is fun and high tech, plus they like knowing they are using technology that professional athletes use!”

Brooke Wagner PT, DPT
Physical Therapist
St. David's Medical Center

User Testimonial: Georgia Tech University

“EYE-SYNC continues to be a viable asset and strategy in the care of our student athletes. The EYE-SYNC technology continues to explore and optimize its opportunities to serve as a leader in concussion assessment, as well as champion efforts to support our staff as we treat our student athletes.”

Carla Gilson MA, ATC, LAT, NASM-CES
Director of Sports Medicine
Georgia Tech University