Introducing PRO-SYNC

Our Next Gen Brain Performance Solution

Brain Performance Areas

Working Memory
Inhibitory Control
Visual Stability


Rapid Screening

In less than 60 seconds, conduct brain performance screening on any mobile device.

Monitoring Fatigue

Delayed eye movements provide valuable information about the real time performance of the brain. Complete at any time or sequentially to identify trends and modify behaviors.

Training for Optimization

Brain performance can be supported through training on various consumer products, including Virtual Reality (VR).

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The Brain Performance Index

PRO-SYNC identifies visual processing delays and supports the identification of barriers to peak brain performance, aggregating fatigue related eye movements . 

The Index is the result of brain performance screening and its relationship to mental acuity. The PIR can reflect a singular test date or represent the average performance over a custom interval chosen by the user.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these general wellness claims and this is not FDA cleared as a medical device.

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The Readiness Indicator

The Readiness Indicator highlights poor brain performance (decreased mental acuity) through the identification of fatigue related eye movements.

Decreases in mental acuity, such as processing speed and decision making, have been shown to decrease mental and physical performance.

After the screening is concluded, poor brain performance provided as a notification to the end user.

Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these general wellness claims and this is not FDA cleared as a medical device.

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Brain Performance Training

PRO-SYNC supports mental acuity management through the identification of brain performance, which can be improved with specific training targeting processing speed, decision making, and coordination.

Many Virtual Reality (VR) solutions can be used to up-skill and remediate these areas with immersive virtual experiences.

Due to its mobile platform, training can be completed anytime, anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • What is PRO-SYNC?

    The PRO-SYNC solution is a non medical, Extended Reality (XR) based screening, monitoring, and training platform for optimizing brain performance. It uses brief, non-invasive eye movement tests to quantify visual processing performance, AI to capture biomarkers of fatigue, and immersive trainings to improve deficits known to increase risk and degrade performance.

    PRO-SYNC is not a medical device and does not diagnose or treat any medical condition. It is expressly used by consumers for fatigue.

  • How has PRO-SYNC been validated?

    PRO-SYNC have been validated in numerous studies we have published on fatigue and sleep deprivation. In these studies, we have been able to differentiate the eye movements from fatigue from other eye movements related to cognitive impairment and other neurological conditions.

    Following these studies, the key elements of PRO-SYNC were utilized in a multi year trial among a handful of professional sports teams. There, the screening and fatigue monitoring elements were independently validated as aspects of mental acuity that impact athletic performance. For example, there is an established correlation prospectively between fatigue measures and degraded on court performance in professional basketball players.

    Additional studies are underway to compare our fatigue signature against the fatigue measures of various wearable technologies, and other digital health solutions.

  • How is PRO-SYNC utilized by performance professionals?

    PRO-SYNC can be used to identify areas of mental acuity that might be slowed due to fatigue. This information can be used by performance professionals to augment training load, implement recovery strategies, or initiate training.

    These data are captured and stored as historical performance measures, enabling the performance professional to compare measure over time, and against measures of other users.

  • How long does the PRO-SYNC Screening take?

    PRO-SYNC offers multiple screenings to evaluate mental acuity, each lasting less than 60 seconds in length.

  • After screening, how do I get the results?

    The PRO-SYNC results are delivered instantaneously for review. The results can be reviewed as part of a comprehensive report detailing the historical performance of the subject being screened, or the most recent result can found just by searching for the subject’s name.

    All results are kept secure with our de-identified cloud server.

  • Who owns the data collected and where is it kept?

    All data collected by you is owned by you. We do not access it unless it is requested by you. The data collected can be kept in our cloud, or migrated to another cloud within your organization if you choose.

    Additionally, our rest API can transfer data collected to an athlete management system or other database as requested.

  • How do I get trained to use PRO-SYNC?

    Training can be completed over zoom, or in special circumstances, in person as well. After the training is complete, various professional resources are available should you need guidance and/or technical support.