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What is EYE-SYNC?

Learn more about our technology and how it is used to support clinicians and patients everywhere.

FDA-cleared tool

The FDA-cleared assessment battery to record and analyze eye movement as an aid to concussion diagnosis, EYE-SYNC® is backed by 15 years of clinical research.

Fast, objective results

EYE-SYNC® assessments provide clinicians with actionable, objective data in less than a minute.

Lightweight and Portable

From the clinic to remote medical facilities, EYE-SYNC® can go anywhere a clinician goes.

Proprietary Analytics

Our proprietary software and analytics tools combined with the use of Extended Reality (XR) headsets allow us to accurately and reliably detect eye movements to quantify impairment and monitor recovery over time.

Real Time Insights

With results immediately available post assessment, clinicians can interpret easily and act decisively to get their patients the care they need.

Exportable Results

All data captured is encrypted end to end and stored in a HIPAA compliant cloud, where results can be exported via PDF or through secure data transfer through our API.

Reimbursement Eligible

Using already in use CPT codes, EYE-SYNC® pays for itself over time.

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Increase Accessibility

Improve access to rapid and accurate neurological care through our multi-modal, portable platform.

Unlimited Use in Any Location

With no fee per test, use EYE-SYNC® as often as you like anywhere you go!

5188 EYE-SYNC Clinicians
302000 Patient Assessments
1269951220 Data Points Collected
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How EYE-SYNC® works

For us to pay attention and interact with the world around us, the brain must constantly predict what is about to happen. The time it takes to land our eyes on a visual cue accurately and process it can be an indicator of optimal or poor cognitive function. The brain uses our eyes to select content it wants to interact with, allowing us to synchronize with outside events to properly orient to time and space.

The EYE-SYNC® technology measures the variance of our synchronization abilities, or how much error is produced when interacting with visual cues. Each assessment is designed to identify the quality of performance with respect to synchronizing eye movement with a moving object, or gaze fixation, which is required when we are in motion. Both represent the process of synchronization that the brain performs using our eyes, over and over again throughout our lifespan.

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What the reports indicate

After completing each EYE-SYNC® assessment, the clinician receives a detailed, interactive report with metrics, symptoms, and visuals describing patient’s performance, including the type and severity of dysfunction identified.

Included in the report are specific variance based measurements highlighting the precision and accuracy of each task. Results are also compared against each eye in order to further understand conjugacy. Additionally, eye recordings for each assessment are available in playback in order to more thoroughly evaluate the patient and identify precisely where gaze errors occur.

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Get Certified

All providers who implement the EYE-SYNC technology go through an initial training and onboarding process to thoroughly learn how to engage with the platform, administer its many functions, and interpret results that are relevant to the providers patient population. This training is provided by NeuroSync clinical experts, and those experts are responsible for certifying users who demonstrate the safe and effective application of the EYE-SYNC technology.

Becoming a certified EYE-SYNC provider is an excellent way to demonstrate EYE-SYNC proficiency to patients, colleagues and supervisors. By utilizing our unique certification verification system, providers can use their status as certified providers to distinguish themselves from other providers, and in professional employment documentation. Are you ready to join the thousands of other EYE-SYNC Certified Providers?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • What is the EYE-SYNC technology?

    The EYE-SYNC technology is a Virtual Reality (VR) based digital health platform used by practitioners who assess brain health, deliver therapy, and improve performance. It provides a battery of assessments that can be used to rapidly detect concussion and related cognitive impairments. Once these impairments are identified, trained clinicians can use various paradigms for monitoring improvement over time or to assess whether to provide therapy to improve visual and vestibular function.

  • How has EYE-SYNC been validated?

    EYE-SYNC is the proprietary analysis metrics used to quantify and objectively determine a patient’s real time cognitive performance. Developed over a 15-year period of rigorous scientific research in collaboration with the US Department of Defense and the Brain Trauma Foundation, EYE-SYNC’s clinical utility has been extensively documented in dozens of publications. In 2016, the FDA cleared EYE-SYNC for viewing, recording, and analyzing eye movements in support of visual impairment identification. In 2019, the FDA selected EYE-SYNC as Breakthrough Device Designation for aid to concussion assessment. In 2021, the FDA cleared EYE-SYNC as an aid to concussion diagnosis.

  • What value does EYE-SYNC add to my practice or clinical business?

    EYE-SYNC has been shown to increase patient volume, improve the quality of clinical care, and increase revenue for both clinicians and financial decision makers. With established reimbursement, organizations can quickly capture ROI and drive growth. Contact us to learn more about how we can help develop and promote the use of EYE-SYNC in your clinic.


  • Can EYE-SYNC be used in combination with traditional Neurocognitive tests?

    Absolutely. The EYE-SYNC technology is a complimentary diagnostic and therapeutic tool that can be used in conjunction with most commonly used neurocognitive assessments available today.

  • How easy to use is the EYE-SYNC technology? Is it practical for use in my clinic?

    Each eye tracking assessment is less than 60 seconds in length, creating a mechanism for rapid screening and identification. This approach to rapid testing has been shown to improve both clinical workflow and patient throughput.

  • Is a baseline required?

    No. In certain situations, we recommend a baseline to better understand individual performance differences over time, however it is not necessary. Results can be definitely determined with a positive or negative indication of concussion, or compared against de-identified normative results directly from our clinical trial database.

  • How do I get the results? Can I export them?

    The results are generated instantaneously following the completion of each assessment. They are provided in a robust advanced report that can be customized to your preferences. Results can also be exported via PDF or secure data transfer to an EMR or other database through our API.

  • How much does it cost?

    For detailed pricing information, please contact us directly and a live sales representative will contact you directly.

  • How do I get trained to use it?

    All users are formally trained on the EYE-SYNC technology. We provide this service, on most occasions, in person and at the site of your clinical care environment. As an alternative, live video trainings can be arranged however are not recommended.

    Most clinicians can become certified users of the EYE-SYNC technology, upon completion of the in person training,

  • What services are included in my purchase?

    In addition to your hardware/software purchase, we provide real time clinical and technical support as often as you need it. Our clinical experts can help support test administration workflows, protocol design, and result interpretation. We also provide unlimited access to the SyncThink Knowledge Base where you can access information on our research, products, and materials as you need them.

  • Can I trial EYE-SYNC before purchasing?

    If interested in a trial period to further evaluate the EYE-SYNC technology, please contact us directly.

  • Are there any contraindications for use?

    The battery of eye tracking assessments cannot be performed in patients who experience complete vision loss without glasses or hard contacts, since we require removal of these lenses during testing.