NFL Tight End, Coby Fleener, Joins SyncThink Athlete Advisory Board

A world leader in neuro-technology with foundational in IP in eye-tracking, SyncThink, adds New Orleans’ Saints Tight End, Coby Fleener, to its Athlete Advisory Board. In this advisory capacity, Fleener will contribute to the continued SyncThink mission of providing an objective solution with the SyncThink Platform.

EYE-SYNC is designed with VR and eye-tracking technology to objectively measure eye tracking impairments in just 60 seconds. The technology received FDA Clearance last year.

Fleener, of Stanford University and now of the New Orleans Saints, has been in the NFL since 2012 and finished the 2016 season with 50 receptions for 631 yards and three touchdowns. Throughout his football career, he’s seen players struggle with concussion-related injuries, and his belief in the EYE-SYNC technology brought him to this board position.

“I am excited to work with SyncThink because I know first-hand the challenges they are facing and working to solve. The lack of objective measurement can be frustrating for us athletes, as well as the medical staff trying to keep them healthy,” said Fleener. “SyncThink’s solution, EYE-SYNC, uses tested technology and proven methods, and is a tool that should be available to athletes at every level. Objective data provided by the SyncThink platform can go a long way in helping athletes and medical staff members make the right return-to-play decisions.”

SyncThink has recently announced partnering with the Stanford University athletics program, Iowa State University, as well as the University of Texas, among others. Fleener contributes an on-field perspective to the technology team with a large-scale university and pro program roll-out already in progress.

“Having known and worked with Coby for almost a decade, I know him to be much more than a star football player,” SyncThink’s Chief Customer Officer Scott Anderson said. “He is thoughtful, intelligent, and cares deeply about impacting the lives of others. I believe this union is the result of a shared vision in which clinics of the future are properly equipped with objective testing measures like ours everywhere you look. Allowing athletes to reach their performance goals by ensuring safety is what we are all about, and it is something Coby works for every day in order to get the most out of his playing career.”

SyncThink works to assist medical professionals in return-to-play and rehabilitation decisions when it comes to objective assessments.

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