12th VR Patent Granted To SyncThink

SyncThink was granted another huge patent that captures eye tracking attention and analyzes for a variety of purposes.

SyncThink, a leader in neurotechnology and creator of EYE-SYNC, announces today the granting of patent US 14/530,598 by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office. This patent allows SyncThink to use system and methods for creating and changing dynamic content based on eye gaze analysis. The patent gives SyncThink options to broaden the application of its core technology, especially in the growing arena of virtual reality. This will be SyncThink’s 12th granted patent.

“With this new patent, the EYE-SYNC platform can incorporate tracking and monitoring of the user’s attention to modify content. We believe the potential applications for this patent are wide and significant; from customized content delivery to advertising,” said Founder of SyncThink, Jam Ghajar MD, PhD.

SyncThink currently maintains 11 additional patents in the eye tracking analytics and the VR hardware field, ranging from a training system and method for improving cognition and motor timing, to eye tracking headset and system for visual impairment testing in the assessment of brain health. This new patent contributes to the continued growth of the Company, with the recent announcement of the closing of a $ 3.5 Million Series A funding round.

SyncThink plans to use its proprietary eye tracking metrics to identify and analyze the attention gaze of the user and will modify the viewing content instantaneously based on the eye analytics. This may be used for training, performance optimization, and understanding how users view and utilize content in VR most effectively.

“This new patent positions SyncThink as a leader in a new field of attention-responsive content. We aim to develop technology that will create virtual or augmented experiences that understand intention and adapt in a purely intuitive way,” said CTO of SyncThink, Dan Beeler.

For more information on SyncThink and its intellectual property please visit https://neurosync.health/patents/

Taken from: http://techristic.com/12th-vr-patent-granted-to-syncthink/