SyncThink reels in $3.5 mln

Palo Alto, CA—January 3, 2018—Sync-Think, Inc. (“SyncThink” and the “Company”) a world leader in neuro-technology and proprietary eye-tracking intellectual property, announces the closing of a Series A-1 Preferred Stock funding round consisting of $3.5 million dollars in cash subscriptions, led by Quadrant Management, Inc. The Company expects to utilize the proceeds from the offering to further develop applications related to EYE-SYNC technology.

“We are pleased with the support from Quadrant and our other venture partners in our first preferred round of financing” CEO Ernest Santin said, “We plan to use this financing to support revenue growth and to expand our platform to include all facets of Brain Health and Performance.”

2017 has been a standout year for SyncThink, from the release of their next-generation EYE-SYNC platform, to establishing key partnerships that include the Pac-12 Conference, the University of Texas, and the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. New Orleans Saints’ Tight End Coby Fleener also joined the Company in 2017 as an advisor. These partnerships have furthered the growing utility of eye tracking as a key measure of brain function. The EYE-SYNC multi-modal platform and new cloud based solution provides a secure, historical record of objective data analytics related to brain health and performance.

The EYE-SYNC technology, which received FDA clearance in 2016 to record, view, and analyze eye movements in support of visual tracking impairments, was developed through 15 years of clinical research, and supported by over 40 published articles on ocular-motor impairment. The EYE-SYNC platform is the first comprehensive and objective assessment tool that features ocular-motor, ocular-vestibular, SCAT 5, and BESS assessments to examine the full spectrum of brain health in a rapid and reliable format.

“The EYE-SYNC technology was initially developed to identify changes in brain function after injury, however its application has evolved significantly in recent years, and we intend to leverage our core technology to expand the many ways we can help people get the most out of their daily life activities,” founder and Stanford Neurosurgeon Dr. Jamshid Ghajar stated.

This funding round marks the next step for SyncThink to assist medical professionals in making objective decisions on the sidelines of sports fields, in clinics, and beyond. For more information and to get into contact with SyncThink, please visit

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