SyncThink Launches “SyncThink Express” Injury Response Solution

Palo Alto, CA—October 3, 2018—SyncThink, a world leader in neurotechnology with foundational IP in eye tracking analytics, announces today a new on-demand program designed to support collegiate and professional athletic organizations as they respond to injuries as they occur during the season. This program will allow providers to enroll in a short-term equipment rental program so that the SyncThink platform may be utilized in the evaluation, recovery and rehabilitation process of athletes suspected to have a visual impairment.

Beginning this month, any medical provider may contact SyncThink directly on an established national hotline staffed by experts, who will coordinate the overnight delivery of a hardware kit. Once received by the provider, SyncThink will provide remote training for team clinical personnel and provide step-by-step support as they assess and treat the athlete back to full health.  An organization may enroll, cancel, and re-enroll at any time for a weekly fee of $500.

“We’re taking another novel approach to our technology’s portable capabilities while making it more affordable and accessible to the clinicians that want to use it post injury,” SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson said. “At the end of the day, we just want to help athletes get better, and we know how valuable it is to objectively prove to an injured athlete that their condition has resolved.”

SyncThink Express users will join top institutions like the University of Georgia and professional franchises like the Golden State Warriors by employing EYE-SYNC, the latest technology in brain health analytics used to assess, monitor and rehabilitate athletes.  “We are thrilled by the number of teams that have incorporated EYE-SYNC as a cornerstone of their head health protocol,” said Laura Yecies, CEO. “Now we are providing a way for any team, mid-season, to leverage the objective metrics of SyncThink to provide the best possible care when faced with an injury.”

By combining assessments, the SyncThink platform provides unique insights to clinicians and professionals so they can make better-informed decisions on impairment, recovery, and performance in less than 60 seconds. Previously the platform from SyncThink would have only been available to athletes and patients where their organization had purchased the technology for unlimited, annual use. SyncThink is working to make this revolutionary technology accessible to any that need it at all levels of competition.