ESPN Soccer Analyst and Former MLS Star Taylor Twellman Joins SyncThink Advisory Board

Palo Alto, CA-January 22, 2019–SyncThink, a world leader in neurotechnology with foundational IP in eye tracking analytics, announced today the addition of ESPN analyst and former MLS star Taylor Twellman to its advisory board. In this role, Twellman will work closely with the company to refine the utility and application of its proprietary EYE-SYNC technology and work with the global soccer community to facilitate direct access to the SyncThink platform for participants of all ages.

Twellman remains a prominent figure in the soccer community after a storied ten-year career in MLS, most of which was spent with the New England Revolution and US men’s national soccer team. After sustaining a concussion and neck injury that forced him to retire from professional soccer in 2010, Twellman has served as a lead television analyst for ESPN and has continued to promote sport-related concussion awareness through his foundation, ThinkTaylor.

“I am excited to join the team at SyncThink,” Twellman said. “I believe the EYE-SYNC technology is a game changer, and I want to do everything I can to ensure it finds it way into the hands of our sport, from the professional ranks all the way down to the millions of youth soccer players in the US. I have no doubt it will make our sport safer.”

EYE-SYNC is an FDA cleared, modified virtual reality (VR) goggle that rapidly captures eye movements to detect visual impairments, providing objective insights into brain health and performance not identified previously. The technology also uses instant analysis to identify a unique marker for fatigue, giving users more comprehensive data that can be used to proactively monitor the course of recovery.

“When you first meet Taylor, his passion and enthusiasm for soccer and the many young athletes playing it just jumps out at you,” SyncThink CCO Scott Anderson said. “Soccer is the most widely played sport in the US with over twenty four million players, and he is determined to make it the safest sport in the world. Taylor’s actions to date through advocating safety measures, better training, and raising awareness through his foundation speak volumes. He will be a tremendous asset to the SyncThink mission of providing access to our technology to athletes everywhere.”

SyncThink has partnered with numerous professional and collegiate sports organizations, as well as several hospitals and clinics, and will look to continue the expansion of its advisory board in efforts to grow advocacy around its revolutionary technology.