Blog: Meeting the Future with the Next Generation of EYE-SYNC

Today, SyncThink announced our newest partnership with Swedish technology firm and eye tracking provider Tobii, as well as Pico Interactive, a global leader in innovative Virtual Reality (VR) solutions, on our next generation EYE-SYNC product. In the coming weeks, we will begin shipping EYE-SYNC on Pico’s Neo 2 Eye, the first fully integrated VR headset with built in eye tracking capabilities. This exciting hardware iteration brings us one step closer to our moonshot of democratizing brain health by delivering significantly greater value to the thousands of providers and patients we work with around the world.

At the end of 2020, the Neo 2 Eye was named one of TIME’s best inventions of the year. While the Neo 2 Eye has been adopted quickly by its target enterprise market, EYE-SYNC represents one of the first integrations in healthcare. This drives accessibility for patients in need of cutting-edge diagnostic and therapeutic technologies and further solidifies EYE-SYNC as a new standard of care.

About the Neo 2 Eye

In the three years since we burst onto the scene with our first commercial version of EYE-SYNC, the advancements made in Virtual Reality have been transformative. No VR product on the market today embodies this progress more than the all-in-one (AIO) Neo 2 Eye. The Neo 2 Eye features a stunning 4k display and is equipped with the low power Snapdragon 845 processor, which minimizes latency and reduces heat generation. This advanced head mounted display also utilizes Tobii’s integrated foveated rendering, known as Spotlight Technology. This allows for a high fidelity, ultra-realistic viewing experience, and extends the battery life more than 2x that of our legacy model.

The New EYE-SYNC system, featuring the Neo 2 Eye headset.

High Performance Eye Tracking

The Neo 2 Eye features high performance eye tracking sensor integration. Equipped with the latest in premium eye tracking solution, Tobii’s Ocumen allows us to provide a high end data stream, advanced visuals and an easy filter to enable our patented analysis tools. Through this, we are also able to integrate their sampling rate up to 90Hz, providing a more robust capture of gaze position over time. This critical advancement allows us to deliver even richer data within our analysis, thereby providing more thorough decision support to our clinical users.

Improving the User Experience

The experience of putting on the Neo 2 Eye and interacting with EYE-SYNC is intensely satisfying. The ergonomic and counterweight design of the headset allows for an easy, comfortable application facilitated by the customizable, articulating head strap. This allows the patient to self-administer the headset fit with minimal effort and uses a rotary dial to create a stable and secure placement on the head. The proper headset fit is further confirmed upon the initiation of the EYE-SYNC in app calibration. The facial pad, designed for long viewing experiences, is a sleek and extremely comfortable PU leather that facilitates easy sanitation and enhanced durability to support high volume usage over time. Finally, the Neo 2 Eye’s built in spatial audio surround sound speakers further enhance the feeling of immersion, allowing us to deliver patient instructions directly from the headset in a future software release.


Putting on the Neo 2 Eye

We strongly believe that our best-in-class software and analytics should be enabled on the very best of XR hardware. With the Neo 2 Eye headset, providers will benefit from additional insight and ease of use, and their patients will benefit from a seamless and satisfying experience. Solving for both will ultimately enable us to reach a larger market opportunity and meet the growing and evolving digital healthcare landscape head on.