Blog: 2021 – A Year In Review

For many of us, 2021 can be summed up in just a few words.

Unpredictable. Scary. Chaotic. Promising. Hopeful.

Whatever your preference, it is likely we can agree that these uncertain times has forced all of us to think outside the box, to adapt to changing circumstances, and to learn new things and to do them in unique ways. We at SyncThink know we can only be as successful as our partners, customers, and trusted advisors are during periods of uncertainty and unimaginable loss. We too, have had to be creative to allow our technology to grow and become more accessible, to listen more intently on what our users want and need, and to reimagine ways in which we conduct business.

Above all, 2021 has taught us that there is not just one way to achieve the success we aspire to, but that the path to get there will require patience, agility, and steely determination so that we may reach our goals to achieve better patient outcomes, solve provider pain points, and deliver a world class technology solution.

Despite the inherent challenges of being a startup in a global pandemic, we relied on what we know how to do best. We put our heads down and got to work. And in the end, we accomplished more than we ever have.  Some key highlights include:


Early in the year, we made key personnel hires in areas supporting sales, finance, operations, and engineering, prompting the opening of a second office back in our original stomping grounds of Boston, MA. John Mattiola, a 30-year veteran in healthcare technology and medical devices was hired as VP of Strategy and joined our executive team. We also made several key additions to our clinical advisory board, which we plan to announce later this year. We have numerous planned positions to fill in 2022.

Partnerships and Products

As you might have heard, we established key partnerships that allowed us to bring a new, award-winning Virtual Reality (VR) headset to the market in spring of 2021. Working with Tobii and Pico Interactive has been a key driver in accelerating adoption in clinical and sports markets. We continued to expand our working relationship with Magic Leap and expect to announce several more significant partnerships in the first half of 2022, which will allow us to deliver additional product solutions to the market this year.


We grew our platform features to facilitate the needs of multiple clinical use cases, resulting in broader adoption across clinical markets in the US. We continued to invest in product development efforts in support of our growing pharma relationships. Both resulted in promising gains, allowing us to 2x revenues and add 25% growth to our user base.


In the fall, the FDA granted approval of EYE-SYNC as an aid to concussion diagnosis, making it the first mobile rapid test for concussion. This was the culmination of years of hard work and determination from each member of the SyncThink team. Expect to see us continue to expand our indications for use in 2022.


In 2021, we led and/or supported over a dozen IRB approved research studies across the globe. These include multi-phase drug trials for numerous conditions, fatigue studies in professional soccer, concussion in professional football, and ADHD trials in adults and children. We are excited about the launch of a large, vestibular study kicking off in early 2022, and will continue to collaborate with professionals to support the growing utility of eye movement assessment in numerous use cases.

Needless to say, 2022 is shaping up to be big. HUGE. After a brief rest for the holidays, we’re excited to get back to doing what we love.

A very special thank you to all of our supporters – investors, advisors, our long list of loyal customers, and all of our amazing partners. We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without you. This year is for you, so be sure to watch what happens next.