Blog: EYE-SYNC and the Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye: Advancing VR for Healthcare

This month, we’ll be launching the newest integrated Virtual Reality (VR) headset from our partners at Pico Interactive, the Neo 3 Pro Eye. The Pro Eye is a remarkable system and represents the latest innovations in VR, all in one combined integrated device. It looks to establish itself as a step up from its predecessor, the Neo 2 Eye, by becoming more compact and lightweight. As with the Neo 2 Eye, the Pro Eye is designed to meet the workflow demands of the healthcare provider while offering the patient a highly comfortable, non-invasive experience. Overall, our migration to the Pro Eye continues a pattern of offering our users the latest and most advanced headsets when utilizing the EYE-SYNC technology.

The Pro Eye is the ideal all-in-one system, both from its appearance and its technical capabilities. Weighing in at just over a pound, the headset represents the feel of a pair of reading glasses to go along with a sleek, modern form factor design. While it maintains the 4K display and powerful, high fidelity 90Hz eye tracking frame rate, it features an upgraded processor in the Snapdragon XR2 platform, as well as surround sound spatial audio to provide more of the immersive feeling many users desire in a VR experience. Finally, with Bluetooth version 5.1 onboard, streaming of live eye images and assessment results have become significantly more consistent than the outdated 4.2 version.

Utilizing these advancements, we have been able to more specifically streamline our product to meet the needs of providers. Clinicians can now expect to set up the patient, run the standardized patient instructions from within the headset, and gather results from all tests in less than 5 minutes. This streamlined approach frees up valuable clinician time and allows the patient more time to view and understand their results and subsequent treatment plan.

As we begin shipping the Pro Eye this month, we will continue to support our users by offering discounted upgrade pathways, ensuring they will be first in line to take advantage of the latest features offered by the Pro Eye system.

To learn more about how we will be utilizing the Neo 3 Pro Eye, tune in to our CCO Scott Anderson at Virtual Medicine 2022 on March 24th as he presents “Measuring and Improving Human Attention Using Integrated XR.”