XFL and NeuroSync Announce Partnership to Advance Concussion Protocol


ARLINGTON, TX, PALO ALTO, CA and BOSTON, MA – February 28, 2023The XFL and NeuroSync today announced a partnership that establishes NeuroSync’s award-winning EYE-SYNC technology as the Official and Exclusive Concussion Management Technology of the XFL. The XFL will rely on the objective data and unique insights provided by EYE-SYNC to support the concussion diagnostic decision-making process, and to ensure a safe return to play.

“Having a market-leading clinical solution like EYE-SYNC at our disposal will arm our medical personnel with objective, quantifiable data to make better decisions about the status of our players and ultimately improve their care and clinical outcomes,” said Kerry Gordon, VP of Health and Safety. “Our medical providers and players will work closely with the team at NeuroSync to deliver a best-in-class, comprehensive concussion management protocol.”

“As the first professional sports organization to uniformly adopt and comprehensively implement EYE-SYNC as a leaguewide solution, we are honored to partner with the XFL,” said NeuroSync Chairman and CEO Gary Gregory. “Their technology-driven, data-centric approach to player safety and development is a perfect match for our game changing technology, and we look forward to advancing concussion care in professional football through our work together.”

In addition to EYE-SYNC’s role on gameday, the XFL will also employ the technology to better understand the type and severity of concussion injury, leading to a more specific treatment and recovery plan. NeuroSync has worked collaboratively with the XFL to conduct player preseason baseline screenings, assess relevant player and position-specific injury data, conduct extensive injury-related analysis on prevalence and recovery timelines, and make recommendations to improve player health and safety.

The EYE-SYNC technology combines proprietary software and data analytics with high-performance sensors in a Virtual Reality (VR) headset to measure and quantify eye movement abnormalities that often occur after a concussion. FDA-cleared as an aid to concussion diagnosis, EYE-SYNC is the only VR technology approved by the FDA for neurological care. It is currently used by healthcare providers in hospitals and rehabilitation centers, sports, military, and in CNS drug development around the world.

“We are excited for the opportunity to positively impact the concussion diagnostic workflow at the XFL to advance how players are cared for after injury,” said NeuroSync CCO Scott Anderson. ”Emerging evidence continues to underscore the value of tailoring treatments to specific impairments, and the rich data provided by EYE-SYNC will do exactly that – allowing providers and players to objectively diagnose conditions and gauge improvement over time to know when it is safe to resume activity.”

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