Blog: Introducing the NeuroSync Management Portal

Undoubtedly, the practice of providing healthcare services, managing medical facilities and the many administrative tasks that come with each is no easy chore. That is why today we are proud to announce our latest feature, aimed at streamlining the workflow and administrative burden on providers everywhere. The NeuroSync Management Portal is a web-based application and dashboard designed to simplify the administrative process associated with patients and their records generated on EYE-SYNC. For the first time, users will now have the capability to manage these functions outside of the traditional EYE-SYNC mobile platform.

In what has become one of our most requested features, the Management Portal offers a simple and elegant way of managing the EYE-SYNC platform. Administrators can leverage the portal to create group actions, archive outdated functions, and remotely access all historical records. Once assessments are completed on EYE-SYNC, these records are available in the Management Portal instantaneously. In this post, we’ll describe the portal features and their associated benefits.

A Unified Dashboard for Administrative Management

Managing Administrators

The NeuroSync Management Portal provides an intuitive interface for administrators to oversee and manage their teams with very little effort. In the portal, you can create new administrators, archive inactive administrators in bulk, and modify permissions with just a few clicks. Managing access and ensuring data security is a priority that can be easily managed in the portal.

Managing Groups

One of the standout features of the NeuroSync Management Portal is its robust group management capabilities. Administrators can create new groups, edit and archive existing groups, and manage members inside each group. This allows for keeping your groups organized and current when testing large populations.

Managing Members (Patients)

Managing members is at the heart of any healthcare organization, and the portal streamlines this process. You can easily add new members, update their information, and archive them individually or in bulk as needed. Members can also be moved between groups in this section. These features provided added convenience and saves valuable  time that would otherwise be spent manually removing individual members from view directly within the EYE-SYNC tablet.

Accessing Member Records

One of the most important aspects of the NeuroSync Management Portal is its ability to access comprehensive member records. In a few simple clicks, you can view, print, or store member records as PDFs directly from the portal. This is a game-changer for healthcare facilities that need to maintain accurate records for both administrative and compliance purposes and do not have immediate access to the EYE-SYNC tablet to do so.

The NeuroSync Management Portal is poised to accelerate the administrative burden while utilizing EYE-SYNC in a medical environment. With its comprehensive set of features, and future additions already in development, it will empower organizations to work more efficiently and effectively without having the access the EYE-SYNC hardware and software to manage administrators, groups, and members. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, having a tool like the NeuroSync Management Portal will be an invaluable asset for maintaining and ensuring the highest standard of care.