Reaching New Heights

with SyncThink advisor Coby Fleener

“For the longest time, the primary focus of training has been physical activities to prepare for football season. Using SyncThink is the first time we have something to train and monitor the mental side of the game.”

Coby Fleener + SyncThink

As tight end in the NFL, and a former Stanford University football star, Coby Fleener has spent most of his life preparing to compete at the highest level. Combining strength, speed, and athleticism, Coby understands that the pace of the game requires him to adequately prepare for each decision he makes on the field. In particular, he knows that monitoring of eye movements is critical to optimizing performance. To Coby, developing a routine for his brain is just as important as physical training like stretching, running, and lifting weights. SyncThink gives the objective measurements he wants to accurately benchmark his daily status, and provides insights into what daily adjustments will lead to sustained gains in performance.



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